how to live the
longest life possible

carl bourhenne, ma

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introduction and preview of contents
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can you live forever ?
(if not, how long can you live?)

why do we age ?
(the five major theories)

how our body changes
as we age
(from before we�re born; each body part)

how to live the
longest life possible
(in great detail: everything you
might think of, and much more!)

longevity, or long life can be aided by fighting the aging process. our genes are the basis of our health, youthfulness, and long life; but our lifestyle is an important factor that can add or subtract years to our lives.

according to modern gerontology and this gerontologist, diet and exercise are not nearly enough. as a longevity researcher for 26 years with a master's degree in gerontology, i have identified 17 factors that significantly affect how long we live and the quality of our life. nutrition and exercise, of course, are important. but so are sleep, permanent weight control, social involvement, stress control, medical care, skin care, hair care, the environment, smoking, drinking, drugs, recreation, work, safety factors, financial security, and psychology.

my master's thesis in gerontology, from cal state dominguez, was on how to live the longest life possible, and it's research describes how each of these factors affect how long we live, how each afects our health and youthfulness, and what we can do in regard to each.

even our genes are becoming a controllable longevity factor, as the mapping of the human genome and genetic engineering are opening the doors to perhaps unlimited possibilities in contributing to a healthy and youthful long life.

carl bourhenne

introduction and preview of contents
for table of contents

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